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Residents of Hot Springs struggle after a severe hailstorm



Little Rock, Arkansas – Due to the hailstorm on Wednesday, many Hot Springs residents’ automobiles and homes sustained substantial damage.

Owner of Sharp Family Insurance John Sharp claimed that in addition to receiving hundreds of calls from customers seeking to make a claim, his own property had also sustained damage.

“We’ve seen hailstorms similar to this but I wasn’t a part of it,” Sharp said. “This is by far the largest hailstorm I’ve seen come through our area in Hot Springs.”

Sharp advised trying to prevent further damage to damaged vehicles or other property as soon as possible following a storm.

Sharp continued, “Take photos of everything” and “document everything extremely well” after that if you want to be able to give the information to the insurance company for a claim.

Sharp emphasized the need for patience because so many individuals were affected.

“We’re having to go through this together so hopefully we can get it processed in a timely manner,” Sharp said.

After the tornado on March 31, Garland County homeowner Grayson Bonner claimed he and his wife had paid closer attention to weather notifications.

“I was at the mall and got a notification on the phone saying ‘hey there’s hail possibility’, Bonner said. “We got [home] for maybe about three minutes and then the house started rocking and shaking.”

According to Bonner, his family and he took shelter because they feared it might be a tornado.

“A lot of our picture frames had fallen off,” Bonner said. “We have a skinny little hallway on the left side of the house and we just got in and huddled down there because we didn’t know what it was.”

After a short while, he claimed he went outside to find his car’s glass broken and expensive damage to the house’s frame.

Bonner assured that he and his family would be fine in spite of everything that had happened and the hypothetical situations that might have occurred.

“Cars can be replaced and people can’t so I’m glad what happened happened and it wasn’t worse,” Bonner said.


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