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Suspected heart failure claims the life of the last grizzly bear at the Little Rock Zoo



Little Rock, Arkansas – Early on Thursday morning, the final grizzly bear at the Little Rock Zoo passed away peacefully in her sleep from what appeared to be heart failure.

Ann, who is thought to be 33 years old, arrived at Little Rock in 1993 with her sister Nona, according to zoo authorities.

In October 1992, the U.S. Department of the Interior claimed that the two bears, who were referred to as the “grizzly girls,” had invaded 19 backcountry sites and made attempts to enter numerous tents in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana.

Although described by the Interior agency as “exceptionally beautiful bears with golden fur and dark legs,” the sisters had to be rehomed due to their “ongoing and dangerous conflicts with people.”

The passing marks the end of an era for the Zoo and the end of a tale of two nuisance grizzly bears who lived out their lives in Little Rock,” the zoo said in a Friday news release.

Ann and Nona were visitors’ favorites, according to zoo staff, especially when they splashed and played in their pool. According to officials, Ann will be remembered for her kind disposition.

After a dental examination revealed that Nona had jaw cancer, she was put to sleep in April.

“Nona will be missed by Zoo staff, members, and guests and her sister, Ann,” the zoo said on April 13. “Nona, your passing has left a huge hole in the heart of this Zoo. You are already lovingly missed.”

According to officials, there are less than 55,000 wild grizzlies left in the United States, and the majority of them live in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Wyoming.

According to the zoo, there are currently no plans to add more grizzly bears to the collection.


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