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Anonymous letter leads to arrest of level 3 sex offender



FAULKNER COUNTY, Ark.  — On April 17, Chief Matt Rice received an anonymous letter in the mail at the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office stating Donnie Trammell was living with a female registered sex offender at her address since February. The writer was concerned because the female, later identified as Mary Wiseman, had a minor daughter who was also living in the home. The letter was given to Sex Offender Coordinator,Vanda Phillips and an investigation was opened regarding this information. The Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office was not open to the public at this time due to COVID-19 however, Mr. Trammell had been calling every Friday for his weekly check-ins due to him being registered as homeless and continued to state that he was “homeless” with a tent set up in a wooded area in the Mayflower community.

During the investigation, Mr. Trammell’s Facebook profile was located and a post made by Mr. Trammell on February 6, 2020 stated “Moved to Conway, Arkansas”. Under the post there is a comment made stating “So you move to Conway” in which Mr. Trammell replied “Yes I did and leave me alone”.

It is not against the law for the level 1 female sex offender and level 3 sex offender, Donnie Trammell to reside together as long as they are both registered at the address.

On May 26, 2020, Mr. Trammell came into the office to complete his 30 day Verification of Residence (VOR). Before completing the VOR, Mr. Trammell was interviewed and advised of his Miranda Rights. He was presented with the letter that was received in the mail stating he was living with Mary Wiseman. He stated he was not living with her and that they were not even in a relationship they were only friends. He did say he goes over there about once or twice a week to visit but does not stay overnight. He stated he always leaves and goes back to his tent.

On June 2, 2020, Chief Rice received another anonymous letter which appeared to be from the same writer. The letter stated now that the Sheriff’s Office is back open to the public it was hoped something could be done about this problem. The letter again stated that Donnie Trammell was living with Mary Wiseman since February 2020.

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, a home visit was conducted by investigators at the residence of registered sex offender Mary Wiseman located at 112 Pine Valley Dr. Conway, AR 72032. Upon arrival, they made contact with Mr. Donnie Trammell.

Sex Offender Coordinator, Vanda Phillips was contacted to be advised Mr. Trammell was present, along with his personal belongings including clothing belonging to Mr. Trammell located inside the dryer of the residence, a wallet (with Mr. Trammell’s ID inside), medication, and a cell phone holder belonging to Mr. Trammell located on top of the refrigerator of the residence. It was also learned while looking at Mr. Trammell’s ACIC/NCIC return he had his Arkansas State ID/DL renewed on 5/2/2019 and it has the wrong address displayed on it. The address displayed is 45 Ridge Ln. Cabin H Mayflower, AR 72106. Mr. Trammell has not lived at that address since August 7, 2019.

Mr. Trammell was taken into custody and charged with:

Failure to comply with registration and reporting requirements a Class C Felony

Registered Offender-Incorrect permanent physical address on identification cards or driver’s license prohibited a Class D Felony

He is currently in the Faulkner County Detention Center Unit 2 awaiting first appearance.

If you know of a sex offender, not in compliance or if you have questions regarding a sex offender or sex offender laws, please call Sex Offender Coordinator, Vanda Phillips at 501-450-4917 or e-mail her at [email protected] or you may submit an anonymous tip at

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