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Arkansas family hesitant to vaccinate, leading to loss of pregnancy



Conway, Arkansas – Arkansas is still far from the country’s average vaccination rate and this seems to be a big issue lately with the increasing number of new Covid-19 cases.

Currently, only around 35% of Arkansans have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccines, while the national average vaccination rate is 48.3%.

Local doctors and nurses and fighting daily with misinformation and presenting the right information to the public. The hesitancy in getting the shot might result in even worse scenario across the state.

One Arkansas family wanted to share their story of how bad their decision was when they refused to receive the vaccine no matter what. It turned out that their decision later will lead to loss of pregnancy. And understandably, they now regret but it’s too late.

The couple refused to take the vaccine multiple times then they got infected with the virus along with their four children.

Tate Ezzi said that his wife was put on ventilator shortly after she tested positive on Covid-19 and her critical condition led to lose the baby. Ezzi shares his story in order to make people aware of how important is to receive the vaccine.

“I want other people to hear my story so maybe they’ll think twice about not getting vaccinated,” Ezzi said.

Meanwhile, the latest surge in new cases puts the hospitals under pressure again facing staffing issues and COVID-19 fatigue. In order to answer to all the patients, some hospitals went even further offering $300 more for additional shift to all nurses.

The only way to beat the virus is to get vaccinated, Ezzi added in the end.

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