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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2024



Little Rock, Arkansas – Once more, voters in Arkansas may get to decide whether to allow more marijuana use in the state.

Attorney General Tim Griffin approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of the 2024 ballot title earlier this week.

Two years prior, marijuana use for recreational purposes was rejected by Arkansans. A new plan to legalize marijuana in the state aims to unite disparate groups and create a middle ground by defending the medical program.

“We all sat down and said ‘OK what should the marijuana law in Arkansas look like,'” said Melissa Fults, Arkansas Cannabis Alliance Executive Director.

Large corporations and tiny neighborhood associations convened to determine the course of marijuana laws in the state.

“By the time we had our first meeting over with I think everybody realized we all want the same thing,” She added.

Fults saw this as an opportunity to expand the medical marijuana program.

Attorney General Tim Griffin has approved the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2024 as his most recent amendment.

It makes many changes to the 2016-passed medicinal marijuana program’s original version.

Less than twenty-six ailments are currently qualifying conditions for medicinal marijuana cards. The proposed ballot would replace that with any ailment your caregiver believes may be treated with medical marijuana.

The word “caregiver” would imply that a nurse, pharmacist, or physician’s assistant may also administer medical marijuana in addition to a doctor.

For individuals who currently hold a medical card, the annual renewal period would be replaced with a triennial one. There would also be no $50 renewal cost.

Regarding the last campaign to legalize marijuana in Arkansas, one contentious issue was whether or not patients may cultivate their own plants.

This ballot offers a growth option for patients and caregivers who are 21 years of age and older. Up to seven marijuana plants are permitted.

Fults stated that within the next few weeks, they hope to begin collecting signatures.

To be included in the November ballot, this amendment must receive over 90,000 signatures by July 5.


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