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Arkansas people are continuing at work in spite of the bitter cold and the snow-covered roadways



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Cars drive by, slogging in the snow, some heading to work, some getting out to play.

Mary Davidson stated that she had to walk outside since she had no other choice.

“Well, it’s just a delivery business, we deliver groceries, clothes whatever you need,” Davidson said.

Her need to be mobile makes her extremely appreciative of the teams clearing the roads.

“We just pick it up, deliver it and bring it to you, it’s been pretty busy,” Davidson said.

She is a delivery woman who delivers goods to people who are unable to leave, therefore she is accustomed to these kinds of situations.

“I’m from Denver, Colorado, so this ain’t nothing,” she said. “I know how to ride in this.”

She advises taking precautions for those of us who are not accustomed to this weather.

“Stay slow, stay safe,” Davidson said. She claimed she wouldn’t be out at night and that she was only out during the day.

“The snow’s going to come up on you, make sure you got some boots on you and get out there,” Davidson said.


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