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As a member of the marching band at Arkansas State University, the student creates history



Jonesboro, Arkansas – A student at Arkansas State University is creating history.

Drum major Alandria Maddox is in charge of the Sound of the Natural State Marching Band.

Her title carries a small degree of dignity. She is the band’s first African-American female drum major.

“And people were like are ‘you the first African American woman?’ And I was like ‘yeah.’ So they was like ‘you are a history major and you’re making history,’ and I was like yeah,” she said.

Many people, including Maddox, are proud of this honor.

Although being the first is fantastic, Maddox clarified that it won’t necessarily affect her standing inside the band.

“Me being a first it wasn’t something that I was seeking to be, it’s something that came about,” she said.

She has been active in the band for a while. She started playing the clarinet in middle school.

“After my seventh grade year I wanted to quit,” she said. “I played clarinet and he called my mom and he said this girl can not leave the band she has so much potential, she’s amazing, so after that, I was like I’ll give it a chance.”

She continued her musical career at Jonesboro High School as the drum major.

Now, at Arkansas State University, she continues to guide and mentor her bandmates.

“Just having another way of expressing myself in such a beautiful way in which it can be interpreted by so many people in so many different ways,” she said.

She claims that despite the long days and intense heat of band practice, it is her responsibility as a leader to ensure that everyone is motivated to continue.

“I love just being with them and encouraging them and we are having a good time. I think that is the best part about it,” said Maddox.

Together with the other two drum majors, she dances, cheers, and keeps the band in good spirits.

“I mean the music, we are always going to make music it’s required for us to make music, but it’s not required for us to be positive or to love each other or to care about each other, and support each other,” she explained.

She warms up by stretching before practice and games.

“To keep going for hours and hours and hours and keep my band encouraged, so we can encourage the football team because that is a big part of it,” she said.

Maddox claimed that she would not be where she is now if it weren’t for the work of past drum majors who paved the path for her and the support of her band leaders.




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