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Before the total solar eclipse, ARDOT provides an update on the development of Interstate 30



Benton, Arkansas – It is the result of years of work on Interstate 30 close to Benton. We have witnessed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to cars in the construction zone over the past year, including numerous semis with blown-out tires.

The situation deteriorated to the point where the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) suggested last month that the state declare the contractors in default.

But ARDOT Communications Director Dave Parker announced this week that the contractors will continue to work with the agency.

“We don’t want to take that default possibility away,” Parker said. “But we can defer it for later, based on the fact that Johnson Brothers Corporation, in recent months has really shown much improvement.”

More personnel, according to Parker, would result in improvements that drivers may have already observed.

“About 96% of it is now on new concrete and pavement,” Parker said. “They were able to meet that deadline and complete the work on time.”

Parker stated that even though the option is currently tabled, ARDOT still has the power to default on the company if they begin to see problems with the construction as it proceeds.

However, the new contractor handling the metal plates that the drivers have been complaining about says they should all be removed shortly, according to ARDOT.

“Based on how things went with the past, yes, we’ll be watching things closer,” Parker said. “We’ll continue to meet with them on a very regular basis, and we hope that things continue at the pace and we can get to the endpoint.”

Parker added that this is the quickest fix for people who believe the state should just hire a new employee.

“If we had moved into default, they would have had to assign a new contractor,” Parker said. “That takes time. Then, that new contractor would have had to have had a fair amount of time to get things going.”

Any motorist who sustains damage to their vehicle while in the work zone may submit a claim by calling Johnson Brothers work.

Furthermore, 813-685-5101 is the phone number associated with a business that collaborates with Johnson Brothers, and 15522 I-30 Benton, AR 72019 is the address that can be found on Google Maps. According to ARDOT, December 2024 is the anticipated completion date.



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