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Conway flower stand blooms with unique concept



Conway, Arkansas – A charming flower stand in Conway is becoming more well-known because of its unique idea—payments are done on an honor basis.

Anyone interested in purchasing a bouquet of blooming beauty can visit the Dewlittle Farm Stand, which is situated on the border of Courtney Dewey’s property.

“Since our last name is Dewey, and we’ve got three littles, I just gave it a fun name,” said Dewey, creator of Dewlittle Farm Stand.

The proprietor finds creative and imaginative ways to present the hand-picked flower arrangements, including sundae glasses, coke bottles, mason jars, or anything else she can find.

“There has been lots of support from our community and I love that,” Dewey said.

It was Dewey’s first year in charge of the stand, and she was taken aback by how quickly its popularity grew.

She clarified that her frustration as a stay-at-home mother gave rise to the idea of the protest.

“I learned really quickly about myself that I need something to do and something to keep me busy,” she described.

After she had the idea and thought she could pull it off, Dewlittle Farm Stand was established.

“My husband found some scrap wood and built this,” Dewey said. “We just popped it here at the end of the driveway to make pick up a little bit easier for people.”

Although the location allows visitors to enjoy it anytime they wish, it also facilitates Dewey’s life.

“It’s easy. I don’t have to be down here managing it and people can stop by when they want to,” she explained.

Consumers can use links to Dewey’s Venmo and PayPal that are posted on the stand, or they can pay with cash by placing it in a box next to the arrangements.

“If they have cash, they just drop it in the box and I’ll come down here every evening and grab it,” Dewey said. “People seem to like it, and everyone has been honest, we have a good community.”

One can visit the stand in person or check what’s available on Facebook if they wish to make an arrangement.

“When it’s out at the stand, first come first serve, and when it’s gone, it’s gone,” Dewey said. “I put it out as I have it, but on my Facebook page that’s where I’ll say the stand is open.”

Through what began as a hobby, Dewey is now able to stay near to her loved ones while participating in the community and being a part of her client’s life.

“It’s just fun and neat to be a part of that for somebody else and to stay home and raise my babies this helps me get to do that,” Dewey added.

Regarding the future, Dewey mentioned that she always has big ambitions.

“My next adventure is a mobile flower bar,” Dewey said. “The Dewlittle Farm Stand works perfect for our season of life right now, but I do plan on doing a mobile flower truck or flower stand.”

The flower arrangement usually costs between $5 and $10. At $4, pumpkins are now expensive.

Given that the chilly weather is quickly bringing an end to flower season, Dewey anticipates having an abundance of Christmas merchandise accessible soon.




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