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Conway man arrested for aggravated assault after knife argument



CONWAY, Ark. — A local man has been arrested for aggravated assault after he allegedly pulled out a knife during an argument at the Bethlehem House.

On Sunday, March 15 police went to the Bethlehem House for a disturbance call.

The call said two males were arguing in the dining room of the Bethlehem House, when one of the males pulled out a knife and threatened the other.

Officers with the Conway Police Department said they were told the suspect, later identified as Gustavo Lopez had left the scene and was heading towards Hendrix College.

While other officers searched the area for Lopez, officers talked to Demetrious Jordon. Jordon told officers that Lopez was arguing with one of the other non-residents in the dining room and he saw Lopez holding a knife. Jordon told both people to go outside and then he called police.

Police then spoke with the other man involved in the argument, later identified as Kevin Linn.

Linn told officers he was in the dining room and went to the refrigerator to grab a drink which was close to where Lopez was sitting. Linn told police that Lopez told him “get the f* away from me, I’m not playing with your b** a**“. According to the report Linn told police that’s when Lopez pulled out the knife and pointed it towards him.

Linn told police they might be able to find Lopez at the Library in town, where Lopez lives.

Officers went to the library located at 1900 Tyler Street and found a man who matched the description of Lopez. The man was sitting on a bench by the front entrance.

After police confirmed it was Lopez officers asked Lopez to tell them what happened.

According to the report, Lopez said he and Linn have had trouble with each other in the past. He said that a few weeks ago Linn had kicked him in the stomach while Lopez was lying down on the ground at the library. Lopez then told police he was sitting down in the dining room and Linn decided to sit down next to him even though there were other places that he could have sat.

Lopez said that he started arguing with Linn but that he had no knife. Officers then searched Lopez for a knife and didn’t find one.

Officers then contacted the shift supervisor, told her what happened and she told officers that was enough to make an arrest for Aggravated Assault.

Lopez was arrested and taken to the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office.

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