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Conway students create virtual Black History Museum



CONWAY, Ark.-  Today is the first day of Black History Month.

To mark the occasion, students at Conway High School are launching their virtual Black History Month Museum. A project that had been months in the making.

“It honestly makes me proud,” said Lillian Goins, 11th Grader.

2021: A Year of Triumph, is the name of the virtual museum.

“I think it’s important because if you’re not taking black history, you’re not really learning real history,” said Goins.

Lillian Goins a junior at CHS had not one but two pieces displayed in the museum.

One pieces on the Black Panther Party and an essay on how black people have been the primary casualty of capitalism.

“I like having my work out there for people to consider it and think about how it applies to them,” said Goins.

Her work, featured along side class made Phillip Hardwick.

Hardwick wrote an essay on how mass incarceration has disproportionately effected the black community.

“This is a good step in the right direction to brining black history into the school curriculum,” said Phillip Hardwick, 10th Grader.

History Teacher, Brick Cullen said there are literally hundreds of students voices represented in this project.

“We really owe to our students to hear them out and to hear the things that they have to say and thats why this is so important,” said Brick Cullum, History Teacher.

Hardwick and Goins, each tackling topics they think need to be discussed more but both have one similar thought.

“Black history month shouldn’t really be a month, it should be in our curriculum and because it isn’t I’m glad that I had this opportunity,” said Goins.

Students created the exhibits, themes, layout and even recorded music for the website.

Cumulative said there is enough material to learn something new, everyday in February.

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