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North Arkansas teacher free of cancer one year after diagnosis



Highland, Arkansas – Friday was a day of celebration for the Highland School District and instructor Blake Medlock.

A year after being diagnosed with cancer in October 2021, Medlock rings the bell with a clean bill of health.

Coach Medlock was initially led to assume that the celebration was for the school’s Cross Country team, which had won two district titles on Wednesday. However, the Highland School District shocked Coach Medlock with the celebration.

Friday morning at approximately 9:30, the entire district applauded as Medlock entered the school’s football field.

During his treatment, Medlock claimed he feared he would not survive to this point.

“You know we had bad news, upon bad news, upon bad news. I thought we were finished after surgery, and they had found some stuff—a little bit of cancer. I had to go through another chemotherapy round. When they finally gave me the CT scan that was all clear, it was the most wonderful sound I’ve heard. It was amazing.”

When asked about the community and school report he had received, Medlock grew tearful but emphasized his gratitude.

“You know, I’m nothing super special. I love the kids, and they know I love them. It’s just unreal. I can’t explain it. I don’t understand why they just came around like they did and did all this stuff. It’s the most humbling thing I have ever been through in my life.”

In addition to the school’s district titles, Coach Medlock was recognized as the District Coach of the Year.

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