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Protestors gather over proposed bills involving race and gender



LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  – Protestors gathered Monday at the Arkansas State Capitol steps speaking out against two bills that would prohibit certain public school courses on race, gender and social class.

HB1231 bill bans the “1619 project,” which teachers that slavery is the founding force of the United States and its core values.

HB1218 prohibits certain courses designed for students of an ethnic group or promotes “division between, resentment, or social justice” for a race, gender or social class.

Our content partner, KARK, spoke with a person who says these bills would do more harm than good.

“We can’t even begin to heal really as a country until the truth is told about the history,” Valary Ward Nellum said.

Both bills will head to the House Education Committee sometime this week or next week.

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