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Several homes in the Little Rock damaged by gunfire that originated in a nearby park



Little Rock, Arkansas – An Arkansas family is rattled with fear after a shootout in a park near their home left bullets inches away from hitting their daughter.

The shooting happened Friday at Benny Craig Park in Little Rock, and two teenagers are still in the hospital tonight as a result of that shooting.

It was a peaceful Friday afternoon when it was interrupted by the sound of gunshots.

“I cannot count them because there was lots of them,” a family member whose house was shot said.

A family living near Benny Craig Park in Little Rock, now left with bullet holes in their floor and shower from a shootout at the park.

“That’s where it came in and it went through the couch,” a family member whose house was shot said.

The mother and daughter said they heard arguing.

The daughter was looking outside to see what was happening when she said she was inches away, “it felt like the air when it went,” from being grazed by a bullet.

“It didn’t hit the couch, but it went like through the couch, like below, then it scratched the, it scratched the floor,” the family member whose house was shot said.

The father said this is nothing new, but now he and his family can never feel safe again because he said the violence continues to get worse.

“It was a scary moment for them, but we are going to try and move out from this neighborhood,” one family member said.

Although his family is safe, he said their hearts go out to the two teens injured.

“I’m praying for those kids too because they are too young, they don’t know nothing yet and we are going to pray for them too,” the family member said.

According to police, the two teens hit are still in the hospital, police are looking for at least two suspects.

If anyone has any information about their whereabouts, give police a call.

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