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Sherwood’s historic swimming pool is getting a facelift



Little Rock, Arkansas – With the aid of several local artists, the city of Sherwood will spend some time over the ensuing weeks painting a mural on a well-liked community pool.

The Thornhill Pool, which was completed in 1984, has been a mainstay of recreation in Sherwood, according to a press statement from the city. When Mayor Mary Jo Heye-Townsell entered office in January, this project got underway.

Sunny Jenkins, a 20-year-old aspiring local artist, and muralist, was consulted by the mayor as soon as the city’s Parks and Recreation Department started painting the pool’s façade. The mayor claimed that she was aware that this was only the beginning of reviving the pool.

“The Thornhill Pool sits in the very heart of our city, and it is visible from our central park, City Hall, and the Police and Courts Building. You can even see it from one of the city’s main thoroughfares, Kiehl Avenue. While our residents have continued to enjoy the convenience and functionality of the pool, it was looking a bit tired and run-down,” said Heye-Townsell. “I knew we needed to give this beloved amenity a bit of a facelift and give our residents something beautiful to be proud of.”

Jenkins finished her first mural at Fairfield Bay at the age of 17, according to a news release. Later that year, Jenkins was highlighted as a “Hidden Gem” of the city in the Sherwood Chamber newsletter.

“One of the great things about Sunny is that she is a local and really cares about how this project turns out,” said Heye-Townsell. “She swam at the Thornhill Pool every summer growing up and is completely invested in making it look fabulous. As a city, we are excited to provide opportunities to showcase our local talent and look forward to working with more local artists in the future.”

She has painted murals in other Little Rock places since being featured.

“I am excited to help pave the way for an up-and-coming art scene in Sherwood. I’m sure this is the first of many projects that will make our city more visually appealing. I’m happy to help Sherwood get their feet wet in the Arkansas art scene (pun intended),” Jenkins said.

The finished design will cover all four of the building’s external walls and give occupants a top-down perspective of the summertime activity at the pool.

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