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Some snow possible in Arkansas this week



Arkansas – Later this week, an arctic cold front will hit Arkansas, bringing with it the state’s lowest December temperatures since 1989. The powerful cold front will be accompanied by a probability of snow.

Although there won’t likely be much precipitation, the front may have enough moisture for snow. North Arkansas will most certainly have accumulation and road effects. Further south, snow showers and flurries are possible, but it looks like there won’t be much accumulation. Please return for updates on the forecast as there are 4 days left until the arrival of this system.

Regardless of the snow, the likelihood of dangerously low temperatures is rising throughout most of Arkansas. For most of Arkansas, Friday morning low temperatures may only reach the single digits.

The arctic front will be accompanied by strong winds with gusts exceeding 35 mph, which could lead to severe wind chill values. On Friday morning, wind chills may be below average throughout the state, with readings below -10 in central Arkansas. Wind chill readings in northern Arkansas might reach the -20s if it snows.

The day’s high will be far below freezing on Friday. Making preparations for the upcoming winter is wise right now.

Please come back for updates on the predicted snowfall as the impending winter system is still several days away. Whether or whether there is snow, the cold airmass will affect all of Arkansas from Thursday through the weekend before Christmas. At many regions, it may take 48 to 72 hours before temperatures rise above freezing.

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