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The Saline County Library Board meets in a crowded meeting to examine solutions to the book relocation problem



Saline County, Arkansas – Community residents crowded the Saline County Library Board of Trustees meeting on Monday as the debate about moving the adolescent section’s collection of books continues.

Although the matter has caused controversy around the nation this year, it started to focus more on Arkansas during this legislative session after Act 372 was passed.

The state code for harming the welfare of a minor is modified by this new law to include sexual content and to remove protection for library staff.

The Saline County Quorum Court also issued a resolution in response to the new rule that addresses library books that are deemed to be too “obscene” for youngsters due to their sexual content or imagery.

It calls on the library to ensure that “materials contained within the children’s section of the library are subject matter and age appropriate.”

At its Monday regular meeting, the Saline County Library Board addressed possible reactions to these new regulations.

People from the neighborhood attended the meeting in large numbers, either to support the library or to voice their concerns about the books offered or displayed in the youth department.

During the meeting, a proposal was put forth that would grant County Judge Matt Brumley concurrent authority over the process of moving books from the children’s section.

The resolution stated that although the board meets every two months and believes it would be appropriate to give the county judge greater and concurrent monitoring authority back, it currently has the right to decide whether a book should be deleted.

It continues by saying that he is in a position to speak with the county attorney every day about these “complex challenges.”

Brumley was present at the meeting on Monday, but he addressed the board directly about his “high degree of concern” on a few challenges the board is facing and possible solutions.
“I do not have confidence in how operations have taken place at the Saline County Library,” Brumley told members. “I need a plan.”

Brumley claimed that library executives have disseminated information via social media, news organizations, and other channels that are either false or might not agree with the Saline County administration, by whose appointment they were chosen.

“I think collaboratively, we can come together as people- who care but may disagree on some things- to show that there is care enough to look at some of these concerns.”

The resolution engaging Brumley in the relocation process was put on hold by the board, who will revisit it at their subsequent meeting. Members did adopt a different rule stipulating that anyone planning to challenge a book in the county must first read it in its entirety.

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