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Despite the bitter cold, the animals at the Little Rock Zoo are kept warm



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Zoo is putting a lot of effort into keeping its animal residents comfortable and healthy despite the bitter winter.

The zoo claims that its employees have weather-related preparation strategies in place to protect the health and welfare of both people and animals.

“As always, a lot of prep work that goes into something like this, we always plan several days, we look at the weather and always look at what we need,” said Susan Altrui, Director for the Little Rock Zoo.

The crew of the Zoo remains on the premises to oversee the daily feeding and care of the animals, despite the zoo being closed to the public owing to the cold and ice weather.

Extra bedding and heat lamps have been added by zookeepers to the animal enclosures. In addition, they are attempting to guarantee that all animals have unobstructed access to food and water, and that those cages remain dry.

“Whenever we have an event like this, we’ll have a lot of staff that will actually stay overnight to make sure that they’re here in case we have an emergency in case there’s a power outage or something happens and they need to be here for the animals.” said Altrui, “So, we have lots of coverage and lots of things we do to make sure our animals are comfy and cozy during cold weather.”

The zoo is now closed, but they have stated that they will reopen as soon as the park is safe for guests to enjoy and their routes are clear.


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