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Amid slow thaw, Little Rock residents are getting ready for a potential return to work and school



Little Rock, Arkansas – Kids can be found playing in the snow and sledding on a normal snow day, but there are also lots of tasks that come with snow.

The brother and sister Cora and John Henry Adams were looking forward to a few days of fun in the snow.

“I was so happy, I was like ‘Yeah school’s going to be out,’” Cora Adams said.

The adage “work hard, play hard” may actually mean “play hard, work hard” in the snow.

“Our mom was like ‘Hey I don’t know if y’all are going to go to school tomorrow, so just shovel the driveway right now just in case,’” Cora Adams said.

They were occupied with making a route in the driveway because their initial attempt didn’t quite go as planned.

“Me and my dad laid out some snow melting stuff on the ground up here and on the sidewalk, and within 30 minutes to an hour it was covered,” John Henry Adams said.

“It’s hard because you got to break the ice,” Cora Adams said.

Working too hard at times might cause unexpected problems, such as a broken shovel.

“I just went ‘shoop’ and the handle just popped right off,” John Henry Adams said.

The big question was, “Will we have school tomorrow?” as the seconds passed. stayed a while.

The youngsters eventually discovered that Thursday is their out day from school, so they returned to the original meaning of the phrase—”play hard.”

“It was just a lot of fun you know,” John Henry Adams said.


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