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Six years after April Harris was murdered, her family is still in search of answers



Little Rock, Arkansas – April Harris was slain outside her North Little Rock condominium six years ago.

April Harris and her 5-year-old daughter were shot by a man wearing a ski mask as they were being driven to school by her, according to the police.

We have been following this story since that fateful morning on January 19, 2018, and the community still thinks about it often.

Only a few days after the terrible death of April Harris, her sister Amber Harris questioned what had transpired.

“It hurts my soul,” Amber Harris said in January 2018. “I can’t breathe sometimes.”

The family of April Harris gathers annually on the anniversary of her passing, but the weather this year made it challenging.

“We weren’t able to get together, so we’ve been texting each other all day and FaceTiming each other,” Tammie Fleming said.

The mother of April Harris, Fleming, stated that she thinks about her daughter every day.

“I often think about what April is doing right now,” Fleming said.

While the rest of April Harris’ children are all living and well, their daughter was hurt, and they are still in search of answers.

“I would never in a million years think that we would still be trying to find out who murdered April Harris,” Fleming said.

Six years later, according to the police, there were still no leads or people of interest.

However, that doesn’t stop April Harris’s family from cherishing every moment spent with her.

“We make it a point every day to say, ‘Good morning, I love you,'” Fleming said.

Call the Pulaski County Crime Stoppers Tip Line at (501) 340-8477 to leave a tip anonymously, or contact the Criminal Investigations Division of Pulaski County at (501) 340-6963 if you have any information regarding who killed April Harris.


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