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Foundation of Art takes reigns of Jonesboro Christmas Parade



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Numerous people lined the streets to celebrate the holidays. The march is being led for the first time by the Foundation of Art this year.

Despite a few bumps, according to Mikel Wewers, everything went according to schedule.

“And just always looking at our route and our routes worked out pretty well this year I think.”, said Mikel Wewers, who works for the Foundation of Arts.

Problems with the traffic existed. This occurred because many people were leaving work and cars were still trying to get through downtown after the street was closed.

“Jonesboro Police helped us out a lot, we start a little bit earlier, and start shutting down and getting the signs up a little bit earlier.”, said Wewers.

Wewers has been employed by the FOA for almost a year. When he discovered that the FOA would be in charge of the march, he was thrilled.

When putting it together, he and his group had a single objective.

“Their grandparents took them, or their mom took them, and for us to add to someone’s forever memory, it truly a blessing and an honor to be in this position.”, said Wewer.

The procession attracted spectators from throughout Northeast Arkansas, boosting local businesses and showcasing Jonesboro’s best qualities.

“It is an exciting weekend for all of Jonesboro, to make it a weekend and come out and come to downtown Jonesboro, check out the local businesses, and see what Jonesboro is all about.”, said Wewers.


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