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Little Rock City Council votes to mandate reviews of all professional service contracts



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock board of directors decided to alter the procedures for approving city contracts during their meeting on Tuesday night.

The board of directors decided on a 9-1 vote that before money can be given out, a list of all professional service contracts must be produced. The city manager may offer the board 14 days to decide whether or not they wish to receive service contracts under $50,000, in accordance with the law.

The city signed a contract with Think Rubix on June 9 of last year, stating that they would pay the company $45,000 to help prepare and publicize LITfest.

There were numerous concerns regarding how the funds would be used and squandered in the weeks before the event. LITfest was called off three days before it scheduled to begin.

Any contracts that aren’t filed to the board under this new legislation will prevent the city from entering them.

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