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Over $500k in fines associated with poaching violations are sent to Arkansas schools



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (Division of Rural Services) is funneling wildlife penalties from poaching operations into the state’s schools to continue discouraging current and prospective poachers.

Becca Caldwell, the director of rural services for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, reports that this week, 240 grants totaling up to $537,209 were given to schools spread over 67 counties.

Since the AGFC’s primary goal is to promote conservation education throughout the state, the money it collects in fines is allocated to both schools and different conservation sites.

“Outdoor recreation is a vital part of Arkansas’s quality of life, and it is an important draw for people looking at the Natural State as a place to live, work and raise a family,” said Clint O’Neal, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

Additional resources for teaching kids about conservation awareness are now available in schools. Schools can offer recreational programs like archery and fishing through their sports departments.

Many conservation districts have taken the lead in educating people of all ages about wildlife protection because of steady financing.

According to JJ Gladden, assistant chief of education for AGFC, many schools, especially those in rural areas with tight finances, have found great success with the fine money grant arrangement.

“Budgets are so tight in some districts, they’re barely able to cover the cost of core classes,” Gladden said. “The fine money grant program enables us to help shoulder some of the load and bring sorts of great education programs to the kids. Many of these children will be the future of conservation and we can’t let money get in the way of their future.”


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