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Tuba player uses tuba grams to share love on Valentine’s Day



Little Rock, Arkansas – You’re probably familiar with the concept of a singing telegram, but have you ever heard of a tuba gram?

On Valentine’s Day, Clayton Aronowitz showed a lot of love by spreading it around in a huge way.

Aronowitz spent the day amusing his coworkers by playing them a song on his tuba and surprised them in the process. He stated that this is his first year doing this and that he enjoyed seeing how everyone reacted to it.

“I’m very surprised, slightly embarrassed, but very happy,” one woman said. “I was expecting flowers I wasn’t expecting a tuba.”

“Well you got a tuba gram and flowers,” Aronowitz said.

Check out Clayton’s band The Big Dam Horns on Facebook if you want to hear more of his tuba playing once Valentine’s Day is over.

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