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Weather causes delivery delays for Paragould business



Paragould, Arkansas – Due to problems with deliveries this week, the Twisted Goose in Paragould was forced to close early on Friday.

Normally open until 8 p.m., the restaurant had to close at 2 p.m.

The Twisted Goose’s owner, Matthew Gage, stated that this week’s weather-related supply delays affected his company.

Some of the aisles at the Paragould Walmart were empty when Gage stopped over to try to pick up some basics. He simply couldn’t find anything they needed, even after visiting other stores.

“We just hate to not have a full menu, and it gets very difficult to explain how many things you’re out of and what you actually do have,” Gage said. “So, sometimes it’s just better to call it a day.”

According to Gage, The Twisted Goose is not the only company experiencing supply limitations as a result of delivery issues at the moment.

If you want to eat at a restaurant or shop this weekend that is running low on supplies, he suggests that you exercise patience.


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