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While the public and health experts push the lawmakers to allow school districts to require masks, Delta variant is increasing the number of cases in Arkansas



Conway, Arkansas – The number of cases is surging in Arkansas and it looks like it won’t stop soon as the numbers of new cases are setting new records.

According to the ADH, Arkansas reported 2,544 new cases on Friday in the daily Covid-19 report. Meanwhile, 13 more deaths were reported in the same report.

Currently, Arkansas has 18,541 active cases and this is 6-month high. The number of active cases rose by 1,309 since yesterday.

The total number of deaths reported in the state since the start of the pandemic reached 6,123.

Meanwhile, Arkansas is still among the states with the lowest vaccination rates across the country. The interest in the vaccines rose a little bit in the last two weeks, but health experts say this is not enough and encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Under heavy pressure from the public, Gov. Hutchinson decided to call a special legislative session next week to change the law that prevents school to require students and staff masks.

Meanwhile, Arkansans live with Covid-19 every day.

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