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Arkansas National Guard Youth Challenge cadets help aid in tornado relief



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Thursday, cadets from the National Guard Youth Challenge program worked to clean up Little Rock.

The United Cajun Navy, who came all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, joined forces with the organization.

Jacob Rowley, who works with the Louisiana non-profit, said these youngsters are filling a gap, helping to pick up the small things left behind when the chainsaws and bulldozers come through. Little Rock band hit by tornado performs benefit performance to collect money for assistance.

Hope for those impacted by the storm was brought by the group.

“It also too, really brings a sense of hope to the area and the neighborhood we’re in, because they see this bulk amount of kids in vests and hard hats coming in, ready to help them,” Rowley said.

On Thursday afternoon, the group was spotted in some Breckenridge-area neighborhoods.

According to Rowling, the cadets occasionally left behind yards that were so clear that householders could even use their lawnmowers without worrying about running over any debris.

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