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Following the winter storm, the Arkansas Blood Center is pleading for donors



Little Rock, Arkansas – After the state’s winter storm, Our Blood Institute, which has sixteen donor facilities across three states, including Arkansas, is appealing for donors.

“Our Blood Institute is encouraging all area residents to make blood donation a priority to help the blood supply recover, and to ensure patients & area Hospitals have the lifesaving blood products they need,” the nonprofit blood provider said in a Monday news release.

According to OBI, they are currently sending more blood to nearby hospitals than they are receiving because donations were already low after the holidays. They stated that they expect donor appointments to be canceled due to the extreme winter weather in Arkansas.

“The loss of scheduled donations will further impact the local blood supply,” OBI said.

Successful donors who meet the eligibility requirements and are at least 16 years old will get a Come out of Hibernation glow-in-the-dark t-shirt.

The American Red Cross reported the lowest blood donations in two decades last week and claimed they were facing an emergency shortage.

The percentage of blood donors to the Red Cross has decreased by almost 40% in the past 20 years.

The National Desk was informed by Red Cross Divisional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Baia Lasky that she was unaware of the cause of the drop.

“What we do know is that there are just fewer donors coming out,” Lasky said. “We know that during the winter months it can be particularly challenging because, you know, we have the winter storms that inhibit our ability to run drives.”

According to Lasky, because of their nearly universal match, they have a greater demand for Type O blood than others.

Blood donors in Arkansas can schedule an appointment by calling 877-340-8777 or visiting


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