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How to protect pipelines from freezing temperatures



Little Rock, Arkansas – As the arctic air moves into Arkansas, there are a few things to keep in mind for home protection.

One of the few methods to prevent your pipes from freezing is to keep your faucets running. Plumbers often get calls for frozen pipes at this time of year; however, by being cautious, you may avoid paying a large amount of money.

“We’ve already had a few people calling,” Plumber Aaron Jackson said. “Wanting us to come and winterize their vacant homes.”

Jackson stated that although some individuals are getting ready for the bitter weather, many others are not, which is why he anticipates receiving a lot of calls in the coming days.

“Everybody’s going to be busy,” Jackson said.

However, by following a few easy actions, you can avoid it.

“First thing they need to do is cover those outside hose bibs with those little covers,” Jackson said. “Second thing, leave your cabinet doors open.”

Jackson added that faucets ought to be left on and should do more than just drip.

“We tell them a little stream,” Jackson said. “It will still run your water bill up but save you money in the long run.”

Your pipes could sustain serious harm if they rupture.

In December 2022, a water coil burst due to freezing temperatures at the Jack Stephen’s Center at UA Little Rock.

The crew is making every effort to stop something similar from happening again before this freeze.

“We and our facilities team have been working for days,” UA Little Rock Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Carrie Phillips said. “As soon as we start seeing and hearing those weather reports, pay attention, making sure that we’re getting plans in place so that we can do everything we can to stay one step ahead of this.”

According to Phillips, not every student on campus needs to deal with dripping faucets.

“We have so much insulation and prep work that we’ve done that that won’t be an issue, except for a few key instances,” Phillips said. “We have already started working with those departments and areas, so they’ll be prepared.”

When leaving your faucets on, Jackson said to turn on hot and cold water to prevent either side from bursting.


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