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Jonesboro locals use an indoor triathlon to test their endurance



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Each year, Jonesboro locals test their mettle in the St. Bernards Triathlon.
The competition commenced with a 300-meter swim.

After a strenuous swim, bike, and run, 55 participants crossed a make-believe finish line. On Saturday, March 9, adults of all ages competed in the 12th Annual Indoor Triathlon at St. Bernards Health and Wellness.

Swimming was the hardest, according to two contestants. Jonesboro resident Tim Clough finished second in the male age category of 30-39. Clough reported that it was quite hard for him to catch his breath when swimming. He claimed that after emerging from the water, everything went uphill.

“The transition is not too bad,” Clough said. “And then trying to breathe through the bike was pretty good.”

After riding a stationary cycle for five miles, competitors ran two miles on a treadmill to conclude the race.

According to director Paul Pickens, this year’s event featured several fresh faces. According to him, the oldest competitor in the triathlon was seventy-five.

“Yes, we see folks that have been doing it for years, but we see a lot of new ones too,” Pickens said. “And that’s exactly what we want.”

Brookland resident John Chunn finished third in the men 18–29 age category. Chunn mentioned that he was unfamiliar with the race. He added that the hardest part was swimming.

“I like to swim for fun, but I’m not very fast,” Chunn said. “It was my first one so just trying to get a feel for it.”

Crossing that fictitious finish line, according to Clough, is the best feeling in the world.

“The finish is the greatest part,” Clough said. “Just getting around your friends and talking about how terrible it was.”


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