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Little Rock Police Department shares details on assault and robbery Sissy’s Log Cabin Promenade location



Little Rock, Arkansas – More details about the Wednesday night theft of a well-known jewelry store in west Little Rock are being made public by the police.

According to a report from the Little Rock Police Department, the burglary at the Sissy’s Log Cabin store at 17717 Chenal Parkway occurred around 6:45 p.m., and eight people are believed to have been involved.

Employees at the store told detectives that seven guys in hoodies, gloves, and face masks entered the establishment with hammers and pepper spray and ordering the staff to lie face down on the ground.

Police were informed by one of the employees that one of the men demanded her cell phone before smashing it against the counter to obliterate it. Both workers claimed that while they were on the ground, one of the males repeatedly pepper-sprayed them.

According to the investigators, the males broke the display cases with their hammers in order to gain access to the jewelry within. The full cost of the stolen goods has not yet been disclosed.

According to police, the males left the store and hopped into an eighth person’s navy blue Volvo hatchback as it traveled east along Chenal Parkway.

Police arrived at the establishment and got to work on their inquiry. After the incident, both store employees declined medical care.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Little Rock Police Department by detectives.